Zodiac Killer – Z340 Cipher Cracked After 50 Years

By: Dr Tristan Jenkinson Introduction It was announced yesterday (11 December 2020) that a group of three code-breakers have successfully decrypted one of the ciphers (known as Z340) written by the Zodiac killer back in 1969. I have a background in mathematics and an interest in puzzles and have spent some time looking at the … Continue reading Zodiac Killer – Z340 Cipher Cracked After 50 Years

The $10 Billion Bitcoin Battle (Part 3)

Part Three - The Tulip Trusts Introduction In part one (which you can read here) I covered some of the background about Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto and Craig Wright’s related claims. In part two (which is here) I explored the Kleiman complaint against Wright. Here in part three, I’ll examine another area which has made this … Continue reading The $10 Billion Bitcoin Battle (Part 3)