The Importance of Data that Doesn’t Exist – Part One (Timelines)

By Dr Tristan Jenkinson Introduction Happy New Year and welcome to 2023 on the eDiscovery Channel! Towards the end of last year, I saw a short post from Steve Nouri discussing survivorship bias. The principle is something that you may have seen discussed before (it regularly gets shared on sites such as LinkedIn). Nouri’s post … Continue reading The Importance of Data that Doesn’t Exist – Part One (Timelines)

EU/UK Data Flows – An Update

By: Dr Tristan Jenkinson Following on from my previous article, the Financial Times are reporting that they have seen a draft decision from the European Commission which finds that the UK does have adequate data privacy protections in place. The decision, which the FT suggest is expected to be approved some time this week, would … Continue reading EU/UK Data Flows – An Update

Hey Google, Where’s My Location Data?

By: Tristan Jenkinson Background Last week, the Irish Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) announced that they had launched an inquiry into “Google’s processing of location data and transparency surrounding that processing”. You can see the press release here and read more from Reuters here. This is not the first involvement that the DPC have had with … Continue reading Hey Google, Where’s My Location Data?

Jeff Bezos iPhone Hacking Report

By: Tristan Jenkinson For those who have been following the Jeff Bezos hacking story, a report covering the forensic investigation of his iPhone has been made available online after it was obtained by Motherboard. You can see the Motherboard article here and the direct link to the report itself is here. The report in particular … Continue reading Jeff Bezos iPhone Hacking Report