The $10 Billion Bitcoin Battle

Part One - Some background on the development of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto and the claims made by Craig Wright. By: Dr Tristan Jenkinson Introduction I have followed the Kleiman v Wright case for some time – it is a perfect combination of several topics which interest me: digital forensics, cryptocurrencies and the law. Prior … Continue reading The $10 Billion Bitcoin Battle

Supreme Court to hear Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Case

By Tristan Jenkinson The United States Supreme Court has indicated that it will hear a case that should clarify how the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) should be interpreted. The result could affect how companies can pursue ex-employees for intellectual property theft and employee misuse of company data. The clarification relates to the specific … Continue reading Supreme Court to hear Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Case

Deepfaked Evidence?

By: Tristan Jenkinson Further warnings that audio and video evidence are now subject to manipulation. Misuse of Machine Learning An article in Legal Cheek today (which can be read here) discusses a case where deepfake technology was allegedly used to generate an audio recording of an individual issuing threats to another party over the phone. … Continue reading Deepfaked Evidence?

Jeff Bezos iPhone Hacking Report

By: Tristan Jenkinson For those who have been following the Jeff Bezos hacking story, a report covering the forensic investigation of his iPhone has been made available online after it was obtained by Motherboard. You can see the Motherboard article here and the direct link to the report itself is here. The report in particular … Continue reading Jeff Bezos iPhone Hacking Report

A Judgement on Search Orders

By: Tristan Jenkinson “The essential purpose of a search order is not to provide early disclosure, but rather to preserve documents necessary for the proper conduct of litigation before these courts” An important judgement was made last week relating to search orders. The judgement covers a number of legal points, but in particular highlights that … Continue reading A Judgement on Search Orders